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Subject: is it funny, sis
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kidakudz 18.11.11 - 11:33am
A girl takes her bf home they go into the bedroom and she immediately suggests that they do 69 what the hell is that the bf asks his gf, realizing that he wasn't experienced she tells him i place my head between your legs and you place yours between mine, still not knowing what she was talking about and not wanting to ruin the moment they both agrees. Just as they get into position the girl lets a loud smelly fart , bf gagging and role himself out from position rolls over to one side of the bed surprised at what happened, the girl extremely embarassed asked him to forgive her saying it would not happen again and they got back into position, again she lets out another atomic stinker, the boy gets up with a horrified look on his face starts to get dressed, the gf asks whats wrong why are u leaving? Boy replies if you think i'm staying round for another 67 of those you must be ing joking....is it funny *

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